What is psychological trauma?

     Psychological trauma can be thought of as an emotional wound that overwhelms one's coping abilities.  Psychological trauma can be chronic, as in abuse suffered throughout childhood, or a single event, as in a motor vehicle accident.  There are many, many types of trauma, including interpersonal trauma (assault, combat, abuse, and sexual violence), and unintentional human trauma/acts of nature (sudden loss of a loved one, motor vehicle accident, diagnosis of life-threatening illness, sudden medical events, and natural disasters).   At the beginning of treatment, Dr. Mendoza will complete a thorough assessment of your trauma history. 

What types of conditions does Dr. Mendoza treat?

     Dr. Mendoza  specializes in the treatment of psychological trauma.  Trauma impacts individuals differently, but some common reactions people might experience following exposure to trauma include: depression and lack of joy, feeling empty and emotionally numb, insomnia and frequent nightmares, difficulty trusting people and maintaining relationships, feeling 'jumpy' and easily startled, difficulties managing anger, substance and/or alcohol abuse, and intense feelings of guilt and/or shame.  Please note that PTSD is only one possible outcome of exposure to psychological trauma.  It is not necessary to have a diagnosis of PTSD to seek treatment with Dr. Mendoza.  Please contact Dr. Mendoza if you are unsure of the role that your trauma history plays in your current struggles.  For many, effects of trauma exposure are one factor out of several that have led to current difficulties.

Does Dr. Mendoza accept insurance?

     Dr. Mendoza does not accept insurance at this time, but will supply you with a receipt that can be submitted to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement.  Dr. Mendoza offers a 15-minute phone consultation prior to the initial visit.

What methods of payment does Dr. Mendoza accept?

​     Dr. Mendoza accepts cash, check, or credit card.