About Dr. Mendoza:

 Dr. Erin Mendoza (previously Dr. Lacy) is a licensed                                                                                    clinical psychologist practicing in Red Bank, New Jersey. 

 She has been licensed as a psychologist in the state of

 New York since 2008, and in New Jersey since 2013. 

 Dr. Mendoza completed her doctorate degree in clinical

 psychology at Alliant International University in 2007. 

 Following successful completion of an APA-approved

 predoctoral internship, Dr. Mendoza completed an

 APA-approved postdoctoral fellowship at the Harbor UCLA

 Medical Center.  Dr. Mendoza then moved to New Jersey, where she worked as a psychologist at    the Veterans Affairs hospital in East Orange on the PTSD clinical team for several years before    transitioning to private practice.  At the VA, Dr. Mendoza carried a specialized caseload of    

 veterans with PTSD and comorbid substance-use disorders.


Dr. Mendoza has specialized training and experience working with psychological trauma.  She has received training in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and has functioned as a member of a comprehensive DBT team.  Dr. Mendoza received extensive training in several evidence-based treatments for psychological trauma, including prolonged exposure therapy, cognitive processing therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy.  Dr. Mendoza has a special interest in the role of self-compassion and mindfulness in the treatment of psychological trauma.


Dr. Mendoza‚Äôs approach is individualized and compassionate.  You can expect Dr. Mendoza to work collaboratively with you to understand your unique struggles, challenges, strengths, and needs as you develop a treatment plan.  Dr. Mendoza keeps her caseload small, in order to provide intensive, personalized treatment to each of her clients.